The Purple Cow

What they said or did < What they thought.

We need the role models, the icons, the legends and revolutionaries to inspire us. 

We read a great number of books about them, watch several movies and documentaries, and even trace down their entire life story flawlessly.

It’s an enriching experience, an emotional roller-coaster ride and undoubtedly an incredible inspiration.

Learning about them should only help you act with more courage in your life. At times, this means you will have to be like them.

Well, but not entirely. Here’s the trick.

If you are merely parroting their words and actions, you have become a replica. An imitative puppet. And the reality is you can’t apply everything they did or said, in your own life at every situation. Because it may not be appropriate. 

What you instead have to do is read between the lines you have read about them. Dig deep into not their words/actions but their thoughts. Grasp the qualities they exhibited. Like integrity, boldness, perfection, hunger to excel, a positive mindset and an indomitable will.

You are free to copy these. You are free to apply these anywhere. But in your own style, using your own judgement. Because, after all, it’s your life and the only one who knows best is: YOU.