The Purple Cow

What the world is going to do next year?

It is impossible to predict the future sitting on your couch. You may be good at guessing, but unfortunately that isn’t enough.

You could also say, “I know what I am going to do, I have a plan”. Ditch your blind confidence. Welcome to reality! 

What you certainly know isn’t going to take you anywhere, learning what matters to the world is important. And that won’t occur to you on your bathroom commode. You have to be present in the market. You, with your two feet on ground and a well functioning mind above, should be in the arena.

No one can write it in a piece of paper to guarantee you are going to succeed in your dream pursuit. That’s why it is scary. But that’s why it is worth going after. Because not many can and will choose to do it.

Leave your school, office desk, warm cashmere sweaters behind. Your future isn’t lurking in your wardrobe. It’s in a far far place where you can reach only with grit and guts.

You wanna change the world? First, change your world from inaction to action.

Yes, the map isn’t fully ready, but don’t you wait for it. Take a stride and start your journey. You will figure it out as you go on. You can count Henry Ford on that.