The Purple Cow

What retired today was my childhood.

Roughly about 5 feet 5 inches tall, with curly hair tucked under a tiny helmet was a hero of my childhood.

The cricketing icon Sachin Tendulkar.

He wasn’t physically strong, that was not the appeal. He wasn’t overly flamboyant, that was not to be noted. But he had a rare aura that was incredible, backed by a sense of responsibility and respect for the game he plays.

I had learnt recently that he had gone to practicing in the nets early in the morning at 8 am even against the weakest oppositions in the weakest of Ranji trophy matches. I wasn’t aware of his work ethic behind the screen, but it was evident. It was reflected in the above mentioned aura.

No one played for India like how he did. With the devotion, humility, modesty and simple passion. His fame was surreal yet never was he callous and reckless. Every single match in the late 1990s was a treat to watch. I was a kid back then and had learnt about dreams from him. I had learnt about being focused on what you love from him. 

And he’s retiring from the world cricket today. 

You can’t imagine Micheal Jackson retiring from music and dance. 

You can’t imagine Ussain Bolt not entering Olympics.

You can’t imagine Mohammed Ali retire from boxing.

But as time has come for it, Sachin has retired from all forms of cricket today. He was my childhood hero who influenced a myriad of things related to my schooling and outside.

With this last walk off the ground, my childhood has officially retired.

#Thank You Sachin for all those wonderful memories.