The Purple Cow

What Jim Carrey had? (Hint: Not just talent)

On a dull Saturday evening, a young man on the top of a hill in Los Angeles was having yet another dull Saturday evening.

He was an aspiring comedy artist but none apart from himself would believe that he’s worth it.

So, he thought he’ll try something else that day to get a kick. He opened his wallet and wrote a check to himself for $5 million and put a 5 years later date.

It’s insane but for him it was a kick on his butt to live his dream life.

It turned out actually that he did. He’s none other than Jim Carrey, the highly popular, most successful comedy actor in the recent times.

Dreams do come true. All you need is a solid reckoning belief. A lesson from Jim’s life that we can learn is that he had great faith in himself. Talent is over-rated. It’s not the main thing. You need a winning attitude.