The Purple Cow

What is the rarest quality in an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are incredible people with incredible skill sets.

They are dynamic, charming, inquisitive, disruptive, challenging and dedicated. While some work on technologies, and the others on services, but basically you would think every entrepreneur has almost the same amount of focus on growing his business.

Not true.

Some settle for a few million dollars, a few others go until a billion, a few others push for PR & media attention, and only perhaps a thin slice of them all are actually 24 X 7 working to change the world.

Amongst a huge list of qualities that needs to be mastered by entrepreneurs, there is one that is actually pretty innate to them. It can’t be taught.

It is the willingness to risk everything for an idea. The guts to chase the dream one has dreamt. And to go against every odd and literally challenge every system. I know a South African gentleman who’s doing something like that these days, 

“Forgot to say one thing at Tesla annual shareholders meeting: just as my money was the first in, it will be the last out.”