The Purple Cow

What is our biggest problem?

Usually it is ignorance. Not the one that is natural, like being uninformed or uneducated.

Ignorance that is self imposed.

In most cases, the problems we face have an answer. And we can even get to that answer too, provided we look for it righteously.

But we don’t. Instead,we avoid the entire problem. We run from it. Escape and elude it. And thus we never really confront the problem. 

We look for an escape route. Or an advantage mechanism. In the long run, unfortunately, this approach will never work. 

Cancer can’t be treated by closing your eyes and denying it. 

The Chinese philosopher Confucius said, 

“The Superior Man is aware of Righteousness, the inferior man is aware of advantage.”

Understand the problem right from the roots. Face it. Boldly. 

You may not discover the best solution today, but if your path is correct, the answer will manifest itself.