The Purple Cow

What is motivating you?

Or to be exact, what is NOT motivating you?

Dan Pink, an amazing author and behavior analyst makes a strong case in his TED video (linked below) about factors that motivate human beings to perform at their very best.

I wasn’t genuinely shocked at what I heard from him because if you notice the story of any great legend, there is this clear lesson that they were NOT motivated by money. Infact, it was not even in their top priorities list though some ended making billions.

Autonomy- Living a life that’s made out of one’s own choices.

Mastery- Getting better and better at what you do

Purpose- More than anything, wanting to contribute to make a difference.

These are 3 crucial factors that can motivate someone to anything amazing. Only a few people understand this and they are not enticed by carrots nor are they afraid of any sticks.