The Purple Cow

What is failure?

FAILURE is often over-valued. 

We are constantly reminded by the crowd that failure is the single biggest thing in your life.

As an upcoming teacher, an emerging graphic designer, a stand-up comedian, a poet, a writer and an amateur magician, you are all afraid to fail. Yeah, partly you should be but that shouldn’t stop you from trying again.

We are too worried about an event going wrong. An interview, a race, a demo, a sales pitch or whatever.

But actually, there are bigger events that can go wrong.

We are on a revolving planet. We are a part of a race with 7 billion others. We are amidst the strongest of tsunamis, the worsest of volcanoes, and the strangest of seas. Anything can go wrong, anytime.

And then there will be enough time for you in hell to worry about your single event of failure.

Like I said above, there is ofcourse a single biggest thing about life, it is LIFE itself. It’s more valuable than all your successes/failures put together.

So, the answer to my question in the title is, 

Failure is just an EVENT, don’t treat it ODDly.