The Purple Cow

What is death?

Giving up on your dreams is.

Ignoring your inner voice is.

Not standing up for what you believed in is.

I vented out my anger on excuses in an article once. We often have tons of excuses, sometimes, extremely clever and convincing excuses for not chasing our dreams. 

We have a skewed mindset towards success. We want it to appear immediately as we begin our attempts, not-realizing the fact that it is never in our control.

It will surely appear but not so easily, and atleast not so quickly.

We need our dream to be a focus torch  on our head. And march ahead in its direction. Not giving up midway. Or not getting diverted some other way.

Distraction is a weakness. And ask any successful person, he will tell you, weakness is death.

The only anti-dote is WILL.

A feebly looking old man in dhoti once said,

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Who rules you again? Your will or your excuses?