The Purple Cow

What if your eyes went rolling everywhere?

In the world of creativity, people go berserk about new ideas. Original ideas they say are the hallmark of any great creative individual.

Advertisers look to new stories for the brands. Filmmakers look to new styles of screenplay. Graphic designers look to new palettes for logos, photographers look to new objects of mystery and the list goes on.

The demand for creativity is unbelievable. But how can you be more creative than others, when the competition is so neck-tight?


By going back to basics. By getting lost in the beauty of thinking. By treading new paths and breaking new barriers. By going places where not many even imagine to go. They call this out-of-box thinking, but you don’t need such a fancy name. You simply need to flip your perspective and look at life from a brand new angle. 

Talking about perspective, a dutch designer Roel Wouters held a workshop recently and the students were asked to make something that was never seen before. Click on the image below to check out their what they did.

A Camera Drama. image