The Purple Cow

What happens when you stick your neck out?

In mainland China, since hundreds of years and perhaps even now, the culture is such that, if you stick your neck out, you will be nailed back and straightened.

That’s been the attitude of the society. How insane is what you might think.

Yeah, right, but even in the most encouraging of nations, cultures, and societies, what you see most of the time is outright mundaneness. This time from self. From within. Not wanting to do anything new or original is a common trait you’ll see.

What or who stops you from being different? 

You could be an upcoming artist, a violin player, a chef or a classroom teacher, but if you aren’t thinking out of the box, you will amount to almost nothing.

Try a new method, fail at it, innovate and try again, however small that is.

Andy Warhol did exactly that. He tried something SHOCKINGLY new.

He took an everyday object, a Campbell soup can and transformed it into a historical pop art artifact.

Who would have dared to do that?