The Purple Cow

We weren't born with our fears.

A few months back I watched a video from a conference.

The chief speaker was a personality development coach and did a fantastic job inspiring everyone to follow their dreams.His speech was so energetic that the whole auditorium erupted into a thundering ovation when he delivered the final part.

And then something really strange happened.

He had challenged the audience to come forward onto the stage and walk on burning coals to shed their inhibitions.

After a long gap of silence, one set of people came forward bravely. You know who they were?

The children.

It was an accurate demonstration of how society works. While the kids are eager to try news things, experiment with life without any fear, the so-called-adults think too much. They hesitate too much. They doubt too much.

Looks like we weren’t born with our fears. Just that our growing up taught us to NOT bash the walls too much and live in a box of safety.

But is that serving any good purpose?