The Purple Cow

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Many companies around the world run on the notion that the more time you make the user spend using your service, the more money you can extract.

There’s an alternative not-so-popular approach to this. It is making something so compellingly awesome that the user will by his own choice use it million times.

The reason I say, it is a not-so-popular approach is because it takes immense courage to convince yourself to say that.

Google does one thing so well, it directs a user to his/her desired website in under microseconds. No other search engines could figure this strategy out so wonderfully well back in 1998. That’s why Google won over all of them.

15 years later, even today, most search engines try to divert your attention using a zillion gimmicks on the homepage. Google does not.

Infact, they take great pride in NOT playing these tricks by saying, 

“We may be the only company in the world which can say our goal is to have people leave our website as quickly as possible.”

It takes balls to say that. More importantly, to build something so simple-to-use yet so powerful like Google and say that.