The Purple Cow

We are all selling things.

Sometimes an idea, or a quality, or a promise or a product. 

It could be anything but we are all constantly selling even without knowing. 

However, some of us are good at it. And some really mediocre.

In a career fair, you are selling your achievements and academics to your potential employer.

In a tech conference, you are selling your products and the benefits to the large audience there.

In your weekly meeting with your colleagues, you are selling confidence and trust that the project will be delivered on time.

In a get-together party, you are selling true friendship and the joy of getting along to your friends.

On a dinner table, you are selling the promise of love and emotion to your fiancee.

We are all selling things. All the time. If you want to get better at it, listen to Dan Pink below who was the man behind those incredible Al Gore speeches. He’s concise and clever.