The Purple Cow

We are all artists.

Finally, I managed to get my hands on “Icarus Deception”.

An on-your-face  life advice book by Seth Godin. It’s harsh, it’s prompt, it’s straight and inspiring.

Seth, in his usually gripping style, urges us to make art.

It echoes exactly with what I write a lot in this blog.  

“Art is the most creative human undertaking” and each of us can do art. By being remarkably different in our own fields.

Art is about doing something that is original. Unique. Something of value. Art is marking your presence in this gigantic world of mediocrity.

You can be just another school teacher or a Sal Khan. You can be just another software engineer or a Tim Berners-Lee. You can be just another film-maker or a Stanley Kubrick. You can be anyone or you can be YOU.

It’s not even a question about will you be here or not.

The real question is will you be missed or not, after you leave?