The Purple Cow

Use less of your useless things.

Phone. Mail. TV. Facebook. Barhopping. Gossip.

We organize a lot of things in life. In a way, our generation has learnt to quite effectively perform atleast 10 different tasks all at once. (oh yes, Generation M)

You might be over-whelmed sometimes by your minor trivialities out powering you. It has happened recently to me.

But you should remember, on the long scheme of things, the trivialities don’t qualify a huge weight-age  You have to shun them. Thus, however busy and occupied you think your day is in making a lot of phone calls, meeting lot of people, doing a lot of emails and facebooking etc, ultimately, the question becomes how much of it really takes you ahead in life?

Time, my friends, is the rarest resource in the universe. Yes, you have a terrifically busy schedule coming up this week. But, do you know how many of those meetings/tasks are really meaningful?

The great management guru Peter Drucker has hit the bull’s eye when he said,

‎"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.“