The Purple Cow

Two great news today!

No matter how much I hate to write too many personal stories on this blog but I couldn’t resist but share with you two awesome news.

One is that I just finished writing the first screenplay of my life. End to end. Yes, it’s finally DONE. It’s a sci-fi on a deserted island and I’ve titled it “The Calling”.

And the other news is today marks the 150th day of my blog writing marathon. 150.DAYS.OF.WRITING.NON-STOP.

I’ve discovered one thing.

Be it writing a blog, painting a wall, martial arts, marathon-running, tight-rope walking or even cooking, the best way to learn is to start doing. 

Some take 2 months like my screenplay and some take 150 days like my blog. But the magic is always in the incredible word.


I once wrote and I requote again, “The greatest thing about the greatest thing in life is actually doing it.”