The Purple Cow

Triple Century Was A Dream.

And today it’s become true.

Today marks the 300th day since I started writing this blog. 

300 blogposts ago I was an average guy doing average things in life.

Then I took a vow. Inspired by Seth Godin, I’ve promised myself that I am going to be a Purple Cow and pursue this dream of mine called “writing”.

My day life of being a graduate student in robotics, my student life of attending workshops, lectures and taking courses, my personal life of meeting new friends, backpacking, camping, travelling to India back and forth, NONE of these things have stopped me from doing this. From doing what I LOVE.

Instead, with the enhanced flow of words that came from writing daily, I successfully managed to write my first ever screenplay in October 2012.

By writing daily about creativity and art and entrepreneurship, my zeal to become a creative entrepreneur has gotten more stronger.

This blog helped me meet the legend, Bob Isherwood and journey with him on creative advertising. This blog has given me more energy and focus on follow what my heart truly yearns, no matter how weird it is, or how scary it is at first.

This blog has repeatedly proven to me the classic maxim, "The greatest thing about the greatest thing in life is actually DOING IT".

So, what has writing 300 blogposts taught me?

That I can write another 300 or a 3000 as long as I have the willpower.

Not words, not time, mind you, it’s the WILLPOWER.