The Purple Cow

Trigonometry vs Honesty.

Mark Twain actually told the truth when he said, 

“ If you tell  the truth you  don’t have to remember anything.”

In India, people revere truth so highly that the national motto is “Satyameva Jayate” which means, Truth Alone Triumphs.

Honesty starts with being true to yourself.

What is it that you want to stand for in your life? 

How willing are you to commit to that and work on it?

These are the hard questions but you have to ask them. 

You might occasionally sacrifice a few things for honesty, but its rewards are remarkable and long term like,

Trust. Loyalty. Respect.

Madison Sarratt, a former dean of Vanderbilt, more than anything, taught honesty to his students. At the end of every semester, on the day of the final exam, he would silently walk into the room and say, 

“Today I am going to give you two examinations, one in trigonometry and one is honesty.I hope you will pass them both, but if you must fail one, let it be trigonometry.”