The Purple Cow

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The most expensive gift you can give someone is your time.

Anything else comes next. 

An expensive car, a wedding ring, a designer watch, or even a blank check can’t fill in the impact your presence can create.

Sometimes it’s funny how our lives revolve around the less important things. Like money, luxuries and debauchery. 

What is also funny is how people try to make up for their faults, or misdoings by paying back in terms of gifts. If you make a mistake, don’t hide behind a sorry letter. Look in their eyes and say (mean) a real sorry.

If you can, spend good time with good people. There’s a reason why you were put on this planet along with them. Share your stories, embrace each other’s failures, express your love and thank them. Because we have been given only few episodes in this reality show called “reality”.

There’s no coming back. There’s no second edition. There’s only the premier. Then why play a cameo role? Be the lead. Write your own story and remember once the time runs out, nothing in this world can help you buy it back.