The Purple Cow

Though Thick & Thin.

Can’t imagine how we all would have been if it was not for our Moms.

Right from letting us in to this planet, to raising us into decent individuals, to teaching us the morals, to feeding us the courage, a mom’s life is a tale of toil.

Our ambitions, our goals and missions take us places where have to be alone, the only company being “passion”, yet if you want to feel lighter, roll your lips and say the magical word- “MOM”.

In all of human adventures, the greatest of the great begins with being born. Coming into existence. Taking birth. 

And no matter how surprised you could be, the reality is you were a decision she made. You were a hardship she chose. You were a pain she loved to bore. 

Saluting every such Mom. Who for me is a synonym for sacrifice.

Happy Mother’s Day!