The Purple Cow

Then, how can non-winners win?

If you haven’t tasted your big successful moment in life yet, you needn’t be worried.

My previous blog spoke about winners. The ones who have accomplished success. Now, this is about the winners-in-the-making.

Like I mentioned there, the two top qualities that differentiate winners from quitters are 1) Public Applause and 2) Inner Belief

While for the non-winners, public applause won’t exist. Instead there will be a lot of disturbing annoyance and intrusion from people questioning your abilities and skills. This is the most challenging part. You’ve gotta replace that noise with a powerful inner voice. 

Inner Voice: 

You already have an inner whispering voice that led you to this path in the first place. That little voice which makes you obsessed about a passion, that little pinch of magic which excites you to create something spectacular, get hold of that. It is your magic recipe to success. Amplify that voice by adding to it the inspiration that you derive from the stories of your heroes. Don’t loose that ever in the deafening sounds of negativity from people around you.

And persevere. 

I can’t stress more on the word, perseverance. Winners needn’t work as hard as the non-winners. If a successful musician works 80 hours a week, you better work 120 hrs. If an accomplished author writes 4 articles a month, you better write 40. It is about the resilience. 

And someday will be your day. Someone will recognize your efforts and will give you the winning badge but until then, keep persevering. And keep that little inner voice intact. But never quit.