The Purple Cow

The unexpected fountain.

What comes to your mind when you think about a fountain?

Most likely, it’s a fountain right? 

But ask an artist, and he may disagree. He will have his own perspective. 

That’s the power of art. A great artist not only has a unique perspective about the world around him, but also can create art that resonates that with his audience.

Mozart’s piano had same number of keys as anyone else’s. But he had a composition pattern which is stunningly unbeatable.

Ansel Adams, the legendary photographer wasn’t gifted with an extra eye. He just had a unique mindset and that translated to his work.

Claude Monet created an entire era called impressionism in European art based out of a single painting. 

The fundamental point in any given art is that you should have a point of view. An extremely unique and powerful view. Boy, it isn’t so easy to develop that amazing perspective. It takes years of persistent practice and constant discipline to try out every single creative idea you have.

And you’ve gotta be fearless at times because the riskiest thing in art is to not risk anything.

A french artist once brought a piece of art into an art exhibition in 1917 that instantly surprised everyone. It was so provocative that the Society of Independent Artists who were responsible for the exhibition rejected it and condemned him. Later, it is now regarded as a major landmark in 20th century art.

The artist’s name was Marcel Duchamp. The piece of art is called “Fountain." And it is what you won’t probably imagine in the context of a fountain. An porcelain urinal.