The Purple Cow

The trifles of today.

“What did that guy in the coffee-house think about my dress?”

“I should not forget to email Jennifer about the $10 she owes me.”

“I totally don’t understand how Bill could have landed that $100k job. He was a dumbass in school.”

“I hate Andriod. I hate Andriod. Rick has it and I hate Andriod.”

“When does the next season of Big Bang Theory start?”

“Why does my iPod not have another 2000 songs?”

“How many more days do I have to wait until my new Xbox One arrives?”

“Who’s unfollowing me in my twitter account?”

“Wait, let me count the number of hot friends that I should invite to my brithday.”

Take a moment and read the above statements again.

If your day just passed with almost all or similar thoughts and concerns only, it is best you wake up from your state of irrelevance.

Life, the most amazing gift you have been given, is already going down the drain. There are only a handful of worthwhile things you can do before your time runs out. Like chasing a passion. Like solving a world changing problem. Like making a few people happy. Like finding your purpose in life.

Dip your head into those thoughts and let your trifles of today take the backseat. They can wait.