The Purple Cow

The road.

The road, I believe, is an incredible metaphor for our life story.

Just like how a road can lead you to where ever you wish to go, and even may lead you to pitfalls and dead-ends, your life may unveil chapters that you never would have expected.

Robert Frost stresses on how the road less traveled is key to realizing your dreams in his famous poem : The Road Not Taken.

There is yet another incredible poet I stumbled upon while looking for some poems online. She’s from France and her name is Jean de La Fontaine, who was widely popular in the 17th century.

She made the use of “road” again as an incredible metaphor to drive home a beautiful point. Here’s a quote from one of her fables:

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”

Every time you introspect in your life, pause for a second and look back at the road you have traveled. It would take you by surprise how you even actually managed to miraculously fall in the right place at the right time every time a beautiful thing happened in your life. Then, step back and realize that it was partially your choice. It wasn’t all fluke. There is always a portion of self-made decision in situations like that. Then wonder what choices you are making today, that might land you in better places in the future?

The road you are traveling today, the more riskier it appears, the more safer you are. Because, at the end of this journey, you are answerable to none, but to your conscience. And remember to never ever give up on that. No matter how challenging the road may seem now.