The Purple Cow

The real value of a jewel.

Every now and then, you come across jewels. Not just the stones, but people too. Some really talented people.

They may be your class-mates in college, co-workers in your office, neighbors in your community or even your parent. During some random moment, they exhibit a certain brilliant attribute in them that genuinely knocks you down in amazement. 

Forget about them. You yourself are a jewel. Aren’t you?

Isn’t there one talent that you have naturally been gifted with?

Yes. Absolutely yes. You are talented. But before I hand you over the prize, here’s a scary question.

“What are you doing with that talent?”

Many people know they speak well in parties, but they don’t take it up one step higher and become public speakers. Many people know their bodies are athletic but they don’t enroll to become sportsmen representing the country. Many people know they are pretty clever at reading other people’s minds, but they never make a move to start a business. 

Jewels are great. Yes, but the real value of a jewel is in the polish. Its in the grind. Its in the practice. 

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