The Purple Cow

The power behind us.

Sometimes, it’s all about the facts. 

While other times, it’s all about the faith.

Factually speaking, you could be utterly unqualified to follow your dream.

For example, fate could have landed you in engineering school while you are interested in fashion design. Your finances could have compelled you to take accounting classes while your heart is in writing poems. Or making cartoons. Or building games. Or playing flute. Or any such thing. 

Now, the task of switching eventually to your dream career seems seemingly impossible. It’s insane to think about career changes after a while, they say. 

But remember, it’s NOT impossible. It could merely be hard, but I refuse to believe it’s impossible. 

If you have the faith to trust your inner voice, to keep pushing while most people give up, to keep remembering that you are NOT alone. You can do it. There is the joy of living your dreams, fulfillment of doing what you love, bliss of making your life count. And that joy will bring incredible power.

And remember, the task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us.