The Purple Cow

The most important thing in life is:

After a long gap, I quickly glimpsed across all my posts so far.

It was hard to define at the beginning, but now as I see, what I ended up writing for about 4 months is : ideas, dreams, creativity, passion, entrepreneurship and detachment.

To be honest, that is exactly what I live for. Rest is just waiting to get there.

Despite knowing the mantra-to-bliss, which is, following one’s dreams no matter what, we still loiter around frivolities. It happened yesterday, today and will happen tomorrow as well. That is, I guess, a part of human nature.

There’s a super-sexy name that’s given to doing 10 things crappily, yet once. Multi-tasking. I don’t really believe in that.

Creativity can never blossom from multiple undertakings, especially at once.

You may have 10 dreams, but work on one dream at once.

Put your entire focus on that. And only that. 

A not-so-popular keynote speaker said an incredible thing once,

“The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life.” 

The second most important thing is doing them.