The Purple Cow

The magic is not in the trick.

If you ask a magician what’s the hardest thing in magic, he wouldn’t say, practising the trick a thousand times, but he’d say, it is in believing that, the trick would somehow work at the end.


It’s one of the rarest things on the planet. Perhaps, rarer than a diamond. That’s why most people you meet would rather NOT believe in anything. They find comfort in despair, sarcasm and criticism. 

Because, when you do believe, you have to marshal all the guts to stand by it.

It could be your dream, your passion, your fiancee, your customer or even your son. Trusting something/someone require guts. Because, it may fail. It may ruin all that you had once. It may leave you shattered.

But the dreamers don’t care. They are like the blossoming flowers. They know they can come back. They know they are here on the planet for a reason. 

The trick/secret behind any great accomplishment isn’t hard to find. It’s simple. It’s out there. If you look keen enough, you’ll understand, it is the 


(the image below explains this better)