The Purple Cow

The kind of 'high' you should actually be.

Let’s admit it. Most of us have been introduced either at our teenage or at our adoloscence to various kinds of highs.

Call it a smoke, a pipe, a tequila shot or the most notorious weed, we all have done one or the other.  

Society, our cool friends, and our pop culture has repeatedly made sure to make us believe that the greatest pleasure is in these highs.

Bodily speaking, yes. Spiritually speaking, no.

“An idea is the greatest high in the world”. Once you are introduced to what I am talking here, you will feel very different. The incredibly great people who walked this earth stuck to that principle. They believed in ‘ideas’ more than any other human creation.

MLK’s idea about equality, Gandhi’s idea about non-violence, Charlie Chaplin’s idea about comedy, Lennon’s idea about music, They all changed the world. But it all began with a simple idea.

The world of ideas is infinite. The raw materials for all the incredible ideas are already there with you. Deep down in your subconscious mind. The more focused you are, the more easily you can access those sparks of creativity. 

And when you bring your ideas to life, it can truly change you and the world around you. It can take you to a high from which you will never wan t to come back to mundane and boring 9X5 job!

Ideas are everything.