The Purple Cow

The Instinct Basics.

Well, if you had any instinct about this post being about the cult erotic film “Basic Instinct”, then you are wrong. Yet, my point is to prove you had an instinct. However silly it might be. mentions in one of its definitions of instinct as “natural intuitive power.”

Natural Intuitive Power. Yes, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today. 

Some of the best creative artists, entrepreneurs and successful people I read about have that exact thing.

What’s really surprising is that even all of us have the same power. But we don’t harness it. Instead, we are scared by the consequences of using our instincts. We are terrified of how people might judge us for following our heart.

Yes, if you are instincts are only about finding newer ways of pleasures, then you have to curb them. But most of the times, before you make crucial life-decisions, your heart truly tells you what to do.

Call it intuition, or gut-feeling or a long-developed yearning for a certain passion. Somehow you know what to do next from within.

But are you listening to that voice? Or are you merely dumbing it down and chasing the goofy money or social acceptance?