The Purple Cow

The dilemma of a right partner.

In any association of two people, be it in a team within an organization, or to start a new one, or in a marriage, or even on a mountain trek, you need clear understanding.

They say “Birds of the same feather flock together.”

Your bird should flock with you, that is a must. But how you do ensure it? By you being clear first on where you wish to go. Communication of goals is very important between two wanna-be partners. Exchange of ideas is the next most important thing.

The eternal dilemma that commonly haunts start-up founders is, “How do I pick the right partner?”

The right partner is a myth. A partner who believes in what you believe is what you need. Yes, it is rare to find such a gem of a person but if that rarity is transformed into a mindset between you both, then it is magical. That partnership will endure the hardest of toils and bumpiest of rides. Eventually, making your common dream possible.