The Purple Cow

The cost of saying 'no'.

A few years ago, Drew Houston put the entire Silicon Valley in a state of shock by saying ‘no’.

Drew had then recently founded a file-storing company called “Dropbox”. [Yes, the one you use every day now] Incidentally, Apple was planning to launch the iCloud feature that very same year. So, guess who was interested in buying out Dropbox and Drew’s vision?

None other than Steve Jobs. 

But when he had offered to pay in billions to Drew to drop the idea of Dropbox, he instead politely declined. Drew simply said he wanted to build an independent company that realized his dream without a compromise. Whah! What an amazing attitude! It is incredibly ballsy to reject the legendary Steve Jobs’ offer right on his face. 

Many years later, now in 2014, Evan Spiegel did a similar thing. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to buy out Evan’s “SnapChat” for a rumored $3 billion. But Evan rejected the offer and challenged Facebook to watch and see how Snapchat is going to dominate the social media market. Ballsy again!

It is admirable how these two CEOs didn’t surrender their vision to financial allurement. It is admirable they chose to make history than to make mere money.

The price of a 'no’ could be $3 billion.

But the value of saying 'no’ is priceless.