The Purple Cow

The challenges in our lives.

Scaling the tallest mountain on the planet seems trivial today.

Mount Everest is over 29,000 feet and is colder than sitting in your refrigerator for a week. It sure is one hell of an expedition by any means. Yet, what makes it trivial today is the sheer amount of climbers who ascend it every day. 

This picture from twitter below depicts the overly-crowded pathway on the way to the pinnacle.


You have to agree, although it is physically and mentally taxing, the real risk factor of ascending the Mt. Everest has been substantially reduced because of the presence of tons of fellow companions and relatively suitable conditions.

In 1953, the story was different. Two incredible gentlemen, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were attempting the impossible. 

Scaling Mt.Everest for the first time ever. There’s a completely different dynamic to taking up an unparalleled challenge. There’s a unique risk in attempting such a thing. The failure could be devastating, embarrassing and utterly shameful. But that’s exactly why legends like Sir Hillary choose to do the impossible. Because, they know it’s a chance to rewrite history. 

Many of us are facing situations that no one else would have faced before. Each of our life story presents us with first-of-its-kind challenges that might be unthinkable to accomplish. The road to freedom is always long and strenuous. Still, you should be brave to outlast them. And not be deterred by the outcomes.

Looking back years later, you will realize, it is those defiant risks that you have taken, which have made your existence so much more prominent. And not the luxury of having a ton of fellow companions who merely want to follow a known trail.