The Purple Cow

Speaker vs Seeker.

There are two kinds of inspirational people in our lives. 

One kind are the ones among our friends, a part of our family or even a mentor at a university who we meet daily. They inspire us by doing the LITTLE things right.

The other kind are far-away, and are mostly in our imagination. These are remarkable people who we may not even have met but are incredibly inspired by their life story, like Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Vincent Van Gogh etc. They inspire us by doing the BIG things right.

You can see where this is going. There are tons of examples of inspirations all around us. There are tons of electrifying anecdotes all around us. There are millions of positive people all around us.

But what blinds us from seeing them is our prejudice. Our dogma. Our inner skepticism.

Open the doors to your heart and the doors to your mind will automatically open.

Only then you can listen to your inner whisper. The winner whisper.

There is a buddhist saying that goes deep,

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

I always tell my friends, “It’s not in the speaker, it’s always in the seeker.”