The Purple Cow

Simplicity in thought.

There is a repeated pattern that you’ll notice among all great entrepreneurs. They are fairly simple.

Not in their attires or attributes, but clearly in their thoughts about what they want to do.Some use different vocabulary at different times but what will take you down by surprise is how narrowly focused they are in getting what they want.

They will tell you that there are simply no ifs and buts. There are only risks and guts.

Edison wanted to electrify the world.
Larry Page wanted to organize the world’s information.
Zuckerberg wants to connect every single person on the planet.
Elon Musk wants to make space travel affordable.

In action however, the complexity part kicks in. Their approach and style of solving the problem could be complex and painstaking depending on the situation. But the true beauty isin having the courage to dream that big. And believing in those dreams!