The Purple Cow

Should you have a distraction?

No matter what your answer is for this question, you already have a few distractions I can surely guarantee. 

In fact, everyone does. Winners and losers both have distractions. 

After working hard for 8-10 hrs at your work place, you come home panting for a quick nap. Or to get lost in a petty distraction. No doubt, your body deserves the rest it needs. There’s no escape there. 

The real catch is in choosing the list of distractions you let yourself have.

A. Lazing around with friends(who aren’t even that close) and simply discussing plot lines of that latest TV show (ex: Big Bang Theory) is a distraction.

B. Reading a great book to bed after 2 days of heavy work is also a distraction. 

A. Responding to every like, share, tweet, retweet, mention or photo-gazing on Facebook (or infact any social media site) is a distraction.

B. Spending valuable time with people who push your dreams forward is also a distraction.

A. Celebrity gossip, tabloid magazines, in-house parties, late night drives, bar hopping and window shopping are distractions.

B. Working on your favorite creative piece, be it building websites, writing code, learning violin, mastering the art of writing, or building a startup at your garage are also distractions.

I didn’t intentionally highlight the list A, because it won’t highlight you a bit in your life. List B is what losers hate to pick. And precisely the reason why they remain losers.

Killing time is inevitable. But killing productivity is a choice.