The Purple Cow

Should you be naked in your bedroom?

There is a word for passion in french.

“Philippe Starck.”

He’s an incredible designer who can design a brand new chair in 2 minutes and a grand new hotel in less than 3 days.

But more than how fast he can do it, it’s about how creative he’s known to be. 

He’s eccentric, distinct and dashing. His TED talk is one of the best.

Apart from all of his amazing achievements, he still strives to do more even today. His hunger for creativity hasn’t yet whetted. He doesn’t go out for dinners, doesn't watch movies and doesn’t waste his time on trivial things.

And is rumored to work naked in his bedroom. He says it’s how he gets his best ideas. By stripping off every unnecessary detail in his mind and body.

Years ago, this same man also decided that he wouldn’t design anything for weapons, alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, gambling, or oil companies or religious organizations. I’m at loss of words to describe his character.

There’s a great lesson in his life story. That you have to be insanely passionate in whatever you do. 

And to answer my question in the title, I don’t exactly know if you should go naked, but what’s for sure is to live a life of creativity, you should have the rigor and discipline to work like crazy.