The Purple Cow

Secret of creativity.

Well, there is no secret.

But if you want to know how it works, there is a path.

It’s not a one-time accident, or a week-long fad, creativity for most creative legends is a way of life.

Be it in film-making, painting, business or advertising, you have to constantly break the status quo of conventional thinking to be “creative.”

Sometimes, the results may be awesome, and sometimes they could be gruesome.

But, you have to keep going from failure to failure without losing hope.

According to me, all that it takes to be creative is to take the obvious out of the equation.

We love the “obvious” so very much that whenever someone tries to take it away we tend to resist it. 

Well, here’s one classic example of how an MIT media lab student took the obvious out of an alarm clock. I was bowled over by the simplicity yet incredible potential of her idea.  [click on the image]

PS: Being a robotics geek that I am, I had to share this fantastically simple idea.