The Purple Cow

Saying No is the hardest thing.

To an almost perfect relationship, to a favorite tv show, to a tempting long drive, to that incredible movie, or to a friend who’s asking to join him for a game of tennis.

Saying YES is the easiest thing. Ofcourse, it’s the most logical thing too right? Afterall, YOLO.

So, who would want to whole-heartedly give up on beautiful things like that? 

Yet, at times, you should. Not because you are insensitive to pleasure, but because, sometimes, life demands more of you.

More than just an average person with average pleasures. Can’t you aim a bit higher? 

if you walk down the street and eavesdrop on someone’s conversation, you will find most people are struggling so hard to get out of this bubble.

The bubble of comfort zone. 

It’s so intangible and so ingrained into our mind that we can’t easily eliminate it. But you should. If you wish to make history.

Michael Phelps also loves to eat at Mcdonalds. Roger Federer also loves to watch viral videos. Chrisopher Nolan also loves to talk on phone for thousands of hours. Elon Musk also loves to keep playing angry birds.

But they say no. The hardest thing.

Think about your dreams whenever someone reminds you of merry-making. And then you already know what to say, no?.