The Purple Cow

Save your fears for the next life.

Some people spend their entire life time on ifs and buts.

Every day they are busy calculating the risk of going after their dreams in exchange of a little comfort that conventional safe life provides.

They spend the entire energy they have for the day on finding 1000 excuses to convince themselves that, ‘taking a different’ path is a bad idea. Why should you risk your comforts and endanger everything that’s perfect, they say?

The answer is rather straight forward. The only way you can make yourself count, or make history, or carve out a legacy for yourself, is by defying the norm. It is by swimming across the stream, and especially, sticking to your belief during the tough patches. 

Because, you can’t win an F1 race sitting in the passenger seat. Heck, there isn’t even a passenger seat in the race car. It is all upon you. You drive your own destiny. No one else does.

If you hesitate too much, without dipping your feet in the cold river, you will remain forever at the bank. A safe and conventional path won’t be respected at the end. What matters is what you have done going out of the way. What matters is if you had taken the plunge or not.