The Purple Cow

Run the motor in the right direction.

It’s a very old cliché but its always true.

Leadership comes in different forms. 

Some choose ruthless yelling, and some choose soothingly telling as their main method of communication. You might be tempted to weigh which method is better, don’t bother trying. None of them matter.

As a leader, how you communicate isn’t as significant as how badly you want to communicate.

How  is a method.

How badly  is a persuasion.

Giving a 15 minute presentation to a potential client is a method. The ‘how’. Giving a 15 minute presentation to every single team member on how to behave with the client when he arrives at the company to impress him is persuasion.  The 'how badly’.

Apart from the vision for the future, one of things great leaders have in common is a motor. A unrelenting unstoppable motor in their mind that runs 24X7 to fulfill their dream. And they put this motor to good use.

There is no doubt that all of us have a motor too. Just that it needs to run unhesitatingly in the direction of our dreams and never give up.

That is when you’ll stop worrying about how to be a leader and actually become one.