The Purple Cow

Rise like the Phoenix.

There will be times when life hits you in the head with a brick. We simply get knocked down for no fault of us. 

Our rhythm is lost and our patterns broken. Our dreams are strangled and passion watered down. 

Destiny decides to pluck your wings and halt your flight abruptly. 

Your close friends, your parents, your supporters and fans could all very well be equally shocked at the chaos you are into. It could choke them and turn them ineffective in supporting you. 

What do you do then?

You go back to the drawing board. You hit the reset button in your mind. You re-analyze the purpose of your life. You re-discover the meaning of your existence and why you should fight this battle. 

Your blood will rush back to the veins, oxygen to the strongest part of your brain, and you will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.

To the problem that’s rattling your mind, say this simple sentence, with your inner voice:

“You can hurt me, but not defeat me.”