The Purple Cow

Rejection Therapy.

If you are reading this blog, and have had atleast one good meal since yesterday, then you are like me –> in the PRIVILEGED WORLD.

There’s another world out there. On the streets.

So different. So crunching. So belittling. 

Recently, one Sunday, I was listening to Bob Dylan and sipping my coke at a Panera sit-out, contemplating on a SERIOUS non-issue.I was eating a $15 snack and worrying about my undecided future. “What am I gonna do after my graduation? Will I ever find the highest paying job like my other friends?” And what not.

The future could be bleak, I thought. The future could be NOT what I want, I thought.

Clearly, I was living too much in the tomorrow and missing my today. Then, I saw an old man in the freezing cold wind, standing outside a Starbucks, selling newspapers.

I walked onto him and saw that he was actually selling a stupid $1 paper. I somehow felt ashamed and offered him my coke. He told me he makes a $0.25 profit on every paper he sold. Yes, just a QUARTER.

I felt my life was so much better, and couldn’t resist to help him. I offered to sell his newspapers for an hour and did so. 

I got chills in my bones after 10 minutes and realized how hard his life is.

28 people passed me that hour, and 25 refused to even pay attention. 

For an hour, I realized how better my life was, how blessed I am to have whatever I have. I smiled and handed over the money I had to him.

Life’s a gift. Appreciate it.