The Purple Cow

Reach out, ask out & grab!

If you want something, especially, when you want it badly, stop wondering.

Stop wondering how only a chosen few has that.

Stop wondering whether you deserve to get that.

Stop wondering what people might think of you when you have it.

Stop wondering what your conventional wisdom and parents tell you.

Stop wondering the hows.

Start pondering about whys.

Why do you want it? Do you like it so bad? Do you think you will feel worse if you don’t have it? Do you consider your life incomplete after 10 years if you didn’t have it?

If your answer was ‘yes’ more than once, then jump in. Reach out at every possible opportunity, knock unopened doors, ask uncomfortable people, seek as many tactics as you can, learn as many things as you can, and one day when the opportunity walks down the alley,

run to her and grab her! That is how you get what you want.

Now, stop pondering.