The Purple Cow

Raise their Hope-O-meter.

The world seems to be filled with insane amounts of negativity and discouragement at times. 

Dreams are crushed every day, ambitions are belittled every moment and all the energy sometimes is sucked out by naysayers. 

It could be your sister, your closest friend, your silent team-mate, your restaurant waiter, your barista or your life partner, someone might be having a bad day today. And what’s worse is they could be having it since quite a long time now. 

Then you walk in. So, what do you do next?

Show. Them. That. You. Care.

Not about their success, failure, salary or debt, but about the actual person and their progress.

In a rush to quickly hoist our flag on the top of our careers, we forget what kind of footprints we are leaving behind. You might be hustling to be a successful investment banker, but if you forget to say a word of “Thanks” or “Great job” to your companions around you, that’s very sad!

Hope is a great thing. Check what the Hope-O-meter of people around you is saying. Make sure you keep the faith on them up always. 

A gentle push, a word of encouragement, a simple gesture of confidence can better someone’s day and make their perspective about life stronger.

If you can, help someone feel complete. Spark a friend’s ambition positively. Use your words to lift someone’s moral confidence. 

We need more pats on the back than fingers pointed at each other.

How many shoulders have you patted lately?