The Purple Cow

Quietness is not emptiness.

Infact, it is usually the opposite.

Unless you work in a library or are performing a laser surgery, for the major part of the day, we HAVE to speak a lot. Either with our mates, colleagues, friends or family, we constantly blabber about every damn thing under the sun.

But doing so, sometimes, we get carried away too much and lose our focus and lose our control on what we are doing. 

On the other hand, having a few moments of silence every day will help you re-focus your thinking on what’s really important. Not many people I know do this. They are in an incredible hurry to rush through the day chasing people or money, both of which they are not here on the planet for.

We are all here for a purpose. I refuse to believe anything you claim otherwise. 

So, gossip is at best a sheer waste of energy, intellect and time. No remarkable achievement was ever accomplished by anyone via gossip.

Put a check on how much you talk. Especially if it’s non-sense. 

Mahatma Gandhi, realizing how crucial it is, always maintained a remarkable ritual. Like fasting, he would practice “ a day of silence” once a week. That day he would not communicate much and only perform minimal societal activities. It was largely for self-thinking and introspection.

Wow. The next time you meet a quiet person, don’t cut him off thinking he’s not thinking. Perhaps, he’s the only one who actually is.