The Purple Cow

Question, why not?

Questions are more interesting than answers.

Sometimes, asking a tough question is more heroic than knowing the right answer.

We generally don’t ask enough to avoid the embarrassment that could spring up by chance. But, doing so, we lose the gem of a quality called “CURIOSITY”.

Every creative individual should have curiosity. It could towards his art, or towards the general social customs, he should yearn to know “why” a certain thing works that way.

Only when you know the map quite well, you can come up with an interesting observation that could lead you to the treasure. 

In not asking, and being shut up all the time, you are not just lost in the map, but also loosing the treasure.

Tread new areas, ask more questions, including the tough ones, fail often, fail publicly and yet stand up strong. That way success will hunt you, while you hunt your passion. 

Once again, question every why, saying “why not”?