The Purple Cow

PhD in silence.

Since our very early days, our parents have found enormous joy in teaching us the language they spoke.

We have over the years mastered that language to precision. We express, emote, jabber, yell and scream in words.

WORDS, they say, are the most important form of human expression. 

But at times, words have to cease. At times, they are merely an additional load you are dripping. There are times of tranquility and peace where you need to talk with your mind and not with your tongue.

What our parents and friends may not have taught us is the language of silence. A stillness of lips.

Once you reach that stage of calmness, you will start to think much more creatively and originally. Take a walk to the park, or a waterfall and experience that bliss. Forget about what degrees you want to attain in life, go get a PhD in staying silent once in a while and that will make you a master of your mind!