The Purple Cow

Perfection comes at a price.

In any form of art, if you seek perfection, it usually costs you more.

Sometimes the cost could be in time, other times it could be in money. 

Consider gardening. If you want your plants to grow exactly the same shape, in the same manner around the same corner, it needs great amounts of time and effort. It isn’t gonna happen by a miracle. You have to create that miracle. One gardening session at a time. 

Carpenters don’t need to use a perfect wood slice under the desk, but the perfect ones do. Web designers don’t need to worry about beautiful interfaces, but the best ones do. Singers don’t need to worry about pitch and tone (these days with Auto-tune) but the best ones do.

So, the point is who cares? When the world is so busy and lost into its own million other things, who will notice that you didn’t use a proper font for your class presentation?

They won’t. But you will. You will know in your heart that you could have done a better job. You could have made it better. 

Of course, the world doesn’t care. But you should. And that’s how you become a genius.